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Wannabe a "CAFONE"
Di SuperCirio addž 20/10/2008 @ 20:17:38, in Saluti e baci, linkato 632 volte)
How to become a perfect "cafone" in two steps:

1) call some friends and invite them for a picnic on next sunday (set meet hour at 9.00 am);
2) wait for sunday morning then, about 30 min before the meeting, call your friends and say them you can't partecipate due to your son's abdominal pain, or due to alien's invasion, or any other absurd apologies you can mind. To obtain better results, truncate communication without regards.

Follow these simple instructions to become a real complete and original "CAFONE"!
It's really work, try it:†success† guaranteed!

(dedicated to someone who has done the same against me)